WP40: Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade (X50)
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WP40: Wire Pull® Smoke Grenade (X50)

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| Available in 9 colors | Duration: 90 seconds | Bulk Pricing Deals |

Our most popular smoke grenade! Thick smoke, vibrant colours, and long duration -- all at an unbeatable price! 

To operate the smoke grenade simply pull the ring igniter to the side.  What follows is 90 seconds of brilliantly colored, non-toxic smoke. Smoke from the WP40 is delivered from a single vent at the top of the grenade. Default Colours in this box are Red 10, Blue 10, Green 10, Purple 10, Orange 10.

WP40 Smoke is commonly used for photo shoots, amateur filming, paintball, airsoft, and survival purposes.

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