WP40 Wire-Pull® Smoke Grenade 5-Pack
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WP40 Wire-Pull® Smoke Grenade 5-Pack

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The Enola Gaye Wire-Pull 5-Pack contains your choice of any 9 of the following colours: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White and Yellow. The default selection is Yellow, Orange, Red, Green and Blue. If you'd like to customize your colour selection, just note your choice in the Comments section of our Order Form.

WP40 is our most popular Smoke. It's 90-second duration makes it a popular choice for all sorts of events and activities, including Paintball, AIrsoft and Tactical Games, various types of Photograpy, special effects smoke in Film & TV productions, Gender Reveal Parties, Airflow Testing, Emergency Training, etc,  

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