Photography Smoke Starter 18-Pack
Photography Smoke Starter 18-Pack
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Photography Smoke Starter 18-Pack

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Please note: actual colours may differ from those depicted in product image. See description for full list of package contents.

Getting started with smoke effects in your photography work has never been easier. The photography smoke bomb starter pack contains 18 smoke bombs of varying sizes, so you’ll have plenty of smoke to play with on your first shoot.

All of the smoke bombs in this package have our Wire-Pull® igniter and produce non-toxic smoke. They can be used by anyone over the age of 18 with no training needed. Simply follow the instructions on the device.


The EG25 is our smallest smoke effect, but still packs a considerable punch for its size. Smoke is emitted for around 25-30 seconds.

This pack contains 10 EG25s. Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow, Green x 2, Purple, Black, White and Orange.


The WP40 is the world’s best-selling smoke grenade. It’s packaged in a compact device, and produces a huge amount of smoke over 90 seconds.

This pack contains 6 WP40s. Purple, pink, yellow, black, blue, orange.


The EG18 is the largest smoke bomb in the pack, and bellows out a massive amount of smoke over 90 seconds.

This pack contains 2 EG18s. Blue and white.