MK5 ThunderFlash (singles)
EG MK5 ThunderFlash: on sale in Canada
EG ThunderFlash: Canada's Flash Bang
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MK5 ThunderFlash (singles)

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For Field Wholesale only in Bulk Case of 200 pieces. Please contact us for pricing and licensing.

A hugely popular distraction device designed for tactical training, Mil-Sim and combat games field simulation. A firm favorite within the Airsoft community, allowing a cost-effective realism that has been specifically designed for active gameplay, with safety at the heart of its design. A friction product with the igniter head located under the twist-off safety cap.

CAUTION: For use by persons 18+ only. Read enclosed Safety Instructions or scan QR Code on product box or product label prior to use. Use only with gloves and eye protection. Intended for field use in Combat Sports or Tactical Training. For outdoor use only (do not use indoors). Use only on private property, with the permission of the property owner. Once ignited, throw the device immediately. Safety distance: 10m. After 4-6 seconds, the device goes BANG!