EG25 Gender Reveal Smoke - Enola Gaye Canada
EG25 Blue Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Enola Gaye Canada
EG25 Pink Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Enola Gaye Canada
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EG25 Gender Reveal Micro Smoke 3-Pack

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Announce your baby's gender in style! Pull wire to initiate a beautiful stream of bright Pink or vibrant Blue smoke for approximately 25-30 seconds. Package contains 3 Pink or Blue Smoke Bombs.

Safety: CAUTION. Hot gas, sparks or ash may be emitted on ignition or during effect. Do not hold in your bare hand. Use only with Gloves and Eye protection. Pull the wire to ignite and then immediately place the device down on a non-flammable surface, maintaining a 1-meter safety distance. For outdoor use only. Follow all directions on product safety leaflet.