White CM75 Smoke - EG Canada
CM75 Cloud Maker Smoke (Purple) - EG Canada
Black CM75 Smoke - EG Canada
Blue CM75 Smoke - EG Canada
Green CM75 Smoke - EG Canada
Orange CM75 Smoke - EG Canada
Red CM75 Smoke - EG Canada
Yellow CM75 Smoke - EG Canada
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CM75 Smoke Grenade - The Cloud Maker

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Enola Gaye CM75 Cloud Maker Smoke Grenade

If bigger is better, the Enola Gaye Cloud Maker is the best. This gargantuan smoke grenade has a higher smoke output than even military-grade pyrotechnics! Designed to provide long lasting cover, the CM75 produces vast plumes of smoke for up to 3 minutes. Canada's largest Consumer Smoke device is dressed to impress. 

The CM75 is available in 8 colours and provides unparalleled coverage for Paintball, Airsoft, Film and Photography Special FX, Sky Diving, Emergency Training, Industrial Airflow Testing and more.

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The CM75 contains 250g of composition weight and produces a large cloud over 160 seconds.


When ignited, the CM75 will not produce a flame. The casing will remain cool enough to handle with gloves on.

CAUTION: Hot gas, sparks or ash may be emitted on ignition or during effect. If you plan to hold the device during its operation, only do so with Gloves and Eye protection. Otherwise, pull the wire to ignite and then immediately place or drop device on a non-flammable surface, maintaining a 2-meter safety distance. Follow all directions and warnings on product label. For outdoor use only.

TO IGNITE: Pull wire out to the SIDE (not up), as directed on the product packaging or in the demo video.

VIDEO: How to use CM75 Smoke