Coloured Smoke for Photography

EG Smoke devices provide stunning colour and artistic effects for Amateur and Professional Photography, Wedding and Engagement shoots, Gender Reveal shoots, Product Advertising and more.

Mixing colours, adding movement or adjusting camera settings and shutter speeds can all completely change the look, theme and composition of your photograph.

You can visualize what you want to create using our smoke, but you will always capture something you never expected. The beauty is in the plumes.

And here is the silver lining – adding the smoke to a photography project has never been so simple: our smoke products are small, compact and extremely easy to use..They fit into any camera bag and it’s becoming normal practice for photographers to have smoke as a key part of their equipment.

Smoke is also perfect for creating atmospheric backgrounds for your photos. Changing the ambience and depth can be achieved easily once the smoke has dispersed, leaving behind dark foggy scenes or ethereal light beams. Whatever you have in mind it can all be achieved with a pull of a ring.

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