EG25 Gender Reveal Smoke - Enola Gaye Canada
EG25 Blue Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Enola Gaye Canada
EG25 Pink Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs - Enola Gaye Canada
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EG25 Gender Reveal Micro Smoke 3-Pack

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Announce your baby's gender in style! Pull wire to initiate a beautiful stream of bright Pink or vibrant Blue smoke from both ends of the device for approximately 25-30 seconds. Package contains 3 Pink or Blue Smoke Bombs.

ADVISORY: A safety feature of this device is that you must pull the wire out to the side of the device (not up!) to ignite. This is noted on the product packaging, in our enclosed safety brochure and in the product video. If you ignore these instructions, your device may not work, Wshall not be responsible for any product failure where improper use--failure to follow directions--is the cause. Smoke Grenades are not toys: use them safely and properly.