Launch Kontrol Pulse Firing System - Enola Gaye Canada
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Launch Kontrol Pulse Firing System

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Play safe and take your show to the next level! The Launch Kontrol Pulse Firing System provides a simple and cost-effective solution for remote firing of Consumer Fireworks. View the video (link at left) for more info!

Benefits of Launch Kontrol Pulse:

  • Safe remote ignition of your fireworks
  • Widely available, easily swappable power-source (alkaline 9v battery--not included)
  • Cat5 connection adapter allows you to easily and reliably extend controller range up to 75 feet
  • Firing Boards can be linked together to expand into a system with multiple cues
  • Reusable cables save money and reduce environmental impact (only the clip needs to be thrown away)
  • Additional firing clips available at a low cost

What's included: Each system comes complete with 4-cue firing board, 4 firing clips, 3-meter extension cable, connection cable for additional firing board attachment, Cat-5 extension cable adapter. Note: 9-Volt battery not included.

Recommended additional options:
(a) 7.6 meter copper-based cat-5 extension cable - sold separately - so you can fire from long range;
(b) extra firing clips (pack of 20) - sold separately;
(c) replacement cable - sold separately - to reduce the number of firing boards required (useful for larger displays)