Titan Talon Igniter Clips 20-pack
Titan Talon Igniter Clips 20-pack
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Titan Talon Igniter Clips 20-pack

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Description: 20-Pack of Talon Igniter Clips (1M/2M length).
Info: The best alternative to buying Fireworks fuse: Talon Clips allow you to light Fireworks safely and consistently from long range, using a Remote Firing System.
Compatibility: Functions with all Firing Systems that use Talon Igniters, including Cobra, Firefly Mini, Firefly Plus, Firefly II. NOTE: not for use with original Firefly or Launch Kontrol.
Specs: 1M/2M Length, Copper Core Wire of 0.45mm. Resistance value 5 ohms. Voltage 12V